Sunday, January 13, 2013

East entrance view

Intending to buy Donuts in this place, eeeehhh, meet a nice spot, so a bit of posing first at the east entrance... :p

- done -

Saturday, January 12, 2013

When partners become friends

Starting from this email :

and the attachment :

After getting a mandate from the boss, I am immediately enrolled the event. And this is the response via email from Indosat.

 .............. And the day is come \(^_^)/
November 28th, 2012

My brother drove me to the airport. Arrived at the airport at 5:30 am, directly to the meeting point at Terminal 2F, next to dunkin donuts. Meet with the person in charge of the event organizer, and then we are equipped with an envelope containing a voucher airport lounge, boarding pass and some pocket money, Alhamdulillah ...

After breakfast in the airport lounge, the call to board was heard. At 6:30 the plane headed to Jogjakarta, Bismillahirrohmanirrohiim.

Less than an hour away, finally arrived at the Adi Sutjipto airport.

@ Adi Sutjipto Jogjakarta, With Mba Listi & Nuni'

 From Adi Sutjipto Airport straight to Kota Gede, to the Omah Duwur restaurant, for event "Indosat Product Knowledge" and lunch.

With Mba Agi, otw Kota Gede with special bus that has been prepared by the EO of the event
at Omah Duwur

all co-partner indosat & indosat team

all co-partner indosat & indosat team

 After lunch, head to the center of silver manufacture which is located across Omah Duwur restaurant.

 Time to check in to the hotel ...

 Ibis Hotel Jogjakarta - Jalan Malioboro Jogyakarta 55001.

My room

Mirror mirror in the wall,, syalalala..

 After resting and maghrib prayers finished, then go to Bale Raos restaurant for dinner.

@ lobby hotel, waiting for the other friends who have not come down from their rooms yet

Jalan Magangan Kulon No.1 Kraton Yogyakarta (near Ngasem market)

This is our dinner menu


Healthy Soup

"Nasi Bakar" & "Wedang Secang"

 After dinner, we decided to return back to the hotel and walk around Malioboro.

Eitzz,,, stopped to batik center fist dehhh ... Buy some gifts for my beloved peoples in Tangerang.

Naaahhh,, now, otw hotel area...

From left : Pak Dian, Pak Donny, me, Abi, Bu Andrien, Mba Agi

Time show at 12:00 pm. and sleepiness began to feel. Hoaaammmppp.. Let's go back to the room, see you tomorrow morning ... Zzzzzzz.....

November 29th, 2012
Good morning (at 06.00 am.)
Today we are going to do something interesting.

Leading to the Pindul Cave with offroad fun...... yeye lalala...

Wuiiihhh, what an exciting and challenging experience...

Lunch time...

Next, caving tour at Goa Pindul

Goa Pindul, Desa Beji, kecamatan Karang mojo


Inside the cave


After showering and change clothes, heading to the Prambanan.
Dinner and watching the Ramayana Ballet prambanan Show entitled "Anoman Obong".

The giant "Anoman"

With "Para Wayang"

November 30th, 2012 : Last day in Jogjakarta.. huhu... (T_T)

Pose with some of friends in the lobby of the hotel before capcus to the airport..

Cuuusssss,, to the airport...

Arrived at the airport, waiting for a plane in the lounge...

Mas Taufan (our Jogja tour guide), Nuni, me, Mba Listi, & Mba Dida

And it's time to part with Jogjakarta. Gonna miss this moment. Gonna miss you all .. But we'll stay in contact,  isn't it ...? See you all in other event...

Friday, January 11, 2013

Capturing my self after lunch...

Lunch this afternoon, try a new place that recently opened in BSD City Tangerang area.
Without intending to promote this place, this is the result,, capture of me... :D

Another style.. Look more slim yaaa... hihihi..

That's it... See yaaaa.... (^_^)v