Friday, June 21, 2013

Hello Communic Asia - For The Second Time

Thanks to my boss who gave me a second chance to visit the largest IT exhibition in Asia called Communic Asia.

This time I went with the whole IT team of PT. Indo Mindstorm Wizzard.

The five of us (me, Anita, Bayu, Ronggo and Fachri) departing on June 18, 2013.

Above the clouds

Early in the morning we had arrived at Changi airport, straight to Marina Bay Sand.

On MRT (Mono Rail Train) : Changi - Marina Bay Sand

Me & Anita

From Left : Mas Ronggo, Bayu, Fachri

Entering the exhibition

My Name Tag

Due to busy enjoying the exhibits that mostly consisting of technological sophistication, we're forgot to take photos in the exhibition area.

 I was taking photos in the outside exhibition area, here are some pictures :

Tired all day round, not enough yet, because to get to the hotel, we had to walk away, plus there are road improvement projects so we had to take a detour. Incidentally MRT and bus terminal quite far from the hotel. We also did not try to find a taxi, in order to reach our own adventurous spirit, which is actually not appropriate in applied at the time ... hehehe ... Fiiuuuhhh ... But that's a very good spirit, friends...?

Along the way to the hotel, we had time to take pictures.

RGB's Mafia
Two cute girls... :p

@ Clarke Quay

Finally, we in Robertson Quay Hotel.

And One day passed already.. ZZzzzzzzz...

The second day, the schedule is back to the exhibition. Today my Boss will also arrive at the show, from Indonesia.

In the afternoon, after circling the exhibition, my boss that already exhausted directly to the hotel for check in and rest. while the five of us have not wanted to give up.

Waiting the bus

Girls on the bus

The boys
We accustom ourself to walk away just like the habit of people in singapore.

 Our destination is a pilgrimage to Maqam Habib Noh @ Masjid Haji Muhammad Salleh.

In front of Masjid

Inside of Masjid

Last Day
Trying Arabic cuisine in singapore: Nasi Biryani
Biryani (Nastaliq: بریانی; Hindi: बिरयानी) or biriani (beriani) is a dish of rice (usually basmati rice) cooked with spices, vegetables, chicken or meat. This dish is sometimes called with an extra word "rice" (nasi biryani, nasi briyani, nasi Briani, or rice beriani. Name of this dish comes from Persia, beryā (n) (بریان) which means fried or panggang.Pada ancient times, rice fried in in cumin oil before boiling in water with spices till half cooked.

Biryani is made from rice that has been boiled in a separate pot. Once the rice is half cooked, the rice is mixed with other ingredients, sealed in the pot, and cooked until done. Different biryani pullao (pilaf) in the way of cooking. While creating pullao, fried rice with the spices in the cumin oil, and cooked until done immediately.

Nom nom nom...

@ Changi airport
Now, let's return to our beloved homeland Indonesia.

Mari Pulang, marilah pulang, marilah pulang bersama - sama... #singing..

Watch out your chubby cheek, miss..


See yaaaa Singapore...