Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Family Gathering @ Solotigo - Kak Iyin's Wedding

This time, only me, mom, dad and my lil sister who went..

Firstly, we headed to Bandung, meet ka Iyin and our big family.

Our preparations before traveling is ... take some photo ... : p

My Lil Sister

Ooohhh, It's a sunny day...

Look, our baggage... Fiuhhhh... :"|

A few hours later, we've arrived at bandung .. Then "leyeh - leyeh"

Photo was taken in the living room

Photo was taken from the terrace

Stay one night in Bandung, the next day, get ready to go to Solotigo.
Routine preparation before going, capturing myself, hihihi...

My Lil Sist with our "big" cousin Aji

"Tuuut tuuut tuuut siapa hendak turutttt... Ke Bandung Solotigo...." (Singing...)

With Kak Iyin (right) and Mba Dewi + Widi (left)

in the executive train

Have a nice trip, crew..

Alhamdulillah,, arrived at Solotigo...

From left : Teh Opie, Widi, Tasya, Mba Dewi, Wa Tari, Ka iyin, Mas Pi'i, Wa Nasri, My beloved mom, Aji, My beloved father, Wa Zul, and mas "i dont know his name".. :p

Solotigo, 1st Day
Key word --> Full of mud, messy, paddy field, fresh air

Greeennn view, love this..

My lil sist carying her sandals..

I also realized, sandals are not suitable for use here ..

Aji : our "big" Cousin, Mas Unay as a photografer, and my lil sist

Breath of fresh air.. Hmmm..

Peace.. Lalala...

Bright, as bright as my heart

Cleaning the mud in the gutter..

Solotigo, 2nd Day
Key word : Wedding Ceremony, The bride & Groom

Me on peach..

My cute lil sister..

Me and my cousin 'Aji'

The Groom & The Bride..

"Baarakallaahu laka, wa baaraka 'alaika, wa jama'a baynakumaa fii khair"
artinya :  "Semoga Allah memberikan berkah kepadamu, semoga Allah mencurahkan keberkahan kepadamu. Dan semoga Allah mempersatukan kalian berdua dalam kebaikan."
(HR. Penyusun-penyusun kitab Sunan, kecuali An-Nasai dan lihat Shahih At-Tirmidzi 1/316)

Solotigo, 3rd Day
Key word : Holiday, Temple, Borobudur

On my way..

Merbabu slope..

Here we come..

Muradji's Crew..

In action..


Girl in black glasses..

My Mom and Lil sist..

Mom and Dad <3 br="">


Nice place..

Really nice holiday .. 
But normal life has been waiting for all of us.
Time to get back to reality.
See you at the next gathering ...

Keep compact always "Muradji's Crew"

Seee yaaa..

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy Ied 1434H

May this blessed day brings us peace and serenity as we embrace the great victory.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Iftar - Family Gathering

Alhamdulillah,, at the end of Ramadan, finally we can get together in "Pondok Lauk Restaurant" for iftar.

The restaurant view,
Koi Fish Pond

Mother and father,

I and Ney

Fajar (My Brother) and Shinta (His girlfie)

Anggit (My Brother) and Neno (His girlfie)

Esti (My lil Sistah) and Rizki (Her ex boyfie), oops sorry about having to write your relationship status here. Hihihi..

And here we are in togetherness.

Barakallah.. (-.-)